Dr. Sachin A. Kulkarni

Dr. Sachin A. Kulkarni

Head of School & Professor

A warm welcome to School of Physics, MIT WPU!

Physics plays a key role in scientific, industrial and social development. At most fundamental level, Physics deals with matter, energy and their interactions in the universe. The fabric of Physics allows it to interconnect with almost every discipline related to science and technology, be it Chemical Physics, Biophysics, Geophysics, Astrophysics, Mathematical Physics and even Engineering Physics. Physics has originated only a few hundred years back, but soon it has acquired a status of highly interdisciplinary subject. Physicists in classical era as well as modern era have contributed immensely in Science and Technology.

In classical era, well known Physicists such as Newton, Faraday, Ampere, Hertz, Henry, Joule, Maxwell, Young, Gibbs, Bernoulli, Kelvin, Carnot have not only pushed the technology ahead but have given birth to the several technologies as well. Nobel era began in 1901 and then up till today 213 Physicists have been awarded Nobel prizes for their contributions in a wide range of Physics sub-disciplines such as Discovery of electron, Structure of atoms, X rays, CT scanning, MRI, ECG, Transistor, Integrated circuit, Lasers, Giant Magnetoresistance, Liquid Crystalline displays, Graphene, Fiber optics communication, Ferrites, Conducting polymers, Superconductivity. Each of these discoveries and inventions has uplifted Science and Technology and this has really brought our society in a truly modern era.

School of Physics of MIT WPU has made every attempt to maintain the name and fame of this exciting, classic and enriched subject. The well qualified and experienced faculties are experts not only in teaching but are active in the predominant research as well. Research areas such as radiation processing, conducting polymers ad nanoscience are being tackled. At present, School of Physics maintains two ultramodern Physics labs and a well-equipped research lab.

Almost every experimental set up in all these labs is interconnected with computers and this allows the students to analyze the experimental data using software and also to perform virtual lab experiments. The students and faculty of several disciplines regularly use the Physics equipment in their projects as well as their research. A full-grown departmental library caters the requirements of students and faculty. From year 2020-21, the School has launched M.Sc. Physics (Photonics) program which is a perfect blend of core Physics and Photonics. Photonics is a rapidly emerging high-tech technology which aptly combines optics with electronics. School has launched some open electives and also plans to introduce a few more. In due course, the School also envisages introducing UG programs in Pure and Applied Physics.