Dr. Narendra Mathakari

Dr. Narendra Mathakari


Dr. Narendra Mathakari completed his M.Sc. in Physics in Department of Physics, SPPU, with a specialization in Space, Plasma and Nuclear Physics. He acquired his Ph.D. from the same institute, where he worked on high energy radiation processing of polymers and composites. He has to his credit 12 international and 2 national research papers. He has also presented papers in 4 international and 3 national conferences. He has a teaching experience of 28 years. In his tenure in MIT WPU, he has received MIT Foundation Day Award in 2008 and Ideal Teacher Award in 2009. His current research interests are viscoelastic and physicochemical properties of high energy irradiated polymers and composites. He is an approved Ph.D. guide in MIT-WPU


Research Publications:
Research Paper 1: N. L. Mathakari, V. N. Bhoraskar, S. D. Dhole, “Surface and structural changes in polyimide by 100 MeV Ag7+ ion irradiation” Surface and Coatings Technology, ISSN: 0257-8972, Publisher: Elsevier, Volume: 203, Issue: 17, Pages: 2620-2624, Date: 15-06-2009, Impact factor: 2.417, Citations: 11
Research Paper 2: N.L. Mathakari, V. N. Bhoraskar, S. D. Dhole, “6 MeV pulsed electron beam induced surface and structural changes in polyimide” , Materials Science and Engineering: B, ISSN: 0921-5107
Research Paper 3: N.L. Mathakari, V. N. Bhoraskar, S. D. Dhole, “Co-60 gamma radiation assisted diffusion of iodine in polypropylene”, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, ISSN: 0168-583X, Publisher: Elsevier, Volume: 268, Issue: 17, Pages: 2750-2757, Date: 30-09-2010, Impact factor: 1.4, Citations: 06

Teaching experience : 28 Years
Research experience : 17 Years