Dr. Shital Kahane

Dr. Shital Kahane

Assistant Professor

Dr. Kahane has completed her M.Sc and Ph.D from Department of Physics, S.P. Pune University with specialization in Nanotechnology. Her Ph.D. topic was photophysical and photocatalytic properties of metal-semiconductor nanomaterials. She has published 5 research papers in international journals and presented 2 in international and 5 in national conferences.


Research Publications:
Research Paper 1: S. V. Kahane, V. Sudarsan, S. Mahamuni, “Anomalous photoluminescence enhancement due to hot electron transfer in core-shell Au-CdS nanocrsystals”. Journal of Luminescence, Volume:181, Pages: 91-95, Date: 1/1/17, Impact factor: 2.77, Citations: 3
Research Paper 2: S. V. Kahane, V. Sudarsan, S. Mahamuni, “A study of charge transfer mechanism and optical properties of Au–CdS core–shell nanocrystals”. Journal of Luminescence, Volume: 147, Pages: 353-357, Date: 1/3/14, Impact factor: 2.73, Citations: 12
Research Paper 3: S. V. Kahane, R Sasikala, B Vishwanadh, V Sudarsan, S. Mahamuni, “CdO–CdS nanocomposites with enhanced photocatalytic activity for hydrogen generation from water”. International journal of hydrogen energy, Volume: 38, Pages: 15012-15018, Date: 22/11/13, Impact factor: 4.2, Citations: 31

Teaching experience : 3 years
Research experience : 1 year after Ph.D.